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Hello! I’m Lucas Leonard

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About Me

I’ve approached every challenge with fun, enthusiasm, creativity, and a ceaseless desire to achieve success throughout my life. This passion and drive have paved the way to countless opportunities, unique experiences and exceptional relationships both personally and professionally. If you’re interested in learning more about me, keep reading or get in touch.


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My Experiences

Background & Expertise

National Manager - Education Division - Command Global Recruitment Solutions


Nov 2019 - Present

I got the opportunity to start a new desk for Command Recruitment. I started as a senior recruitment consultant/BD manager. Based on my performances, in July 2020 I was offered the opportunity to grow the education desk and was promoted to National Manager. I subsequently moved to Sydney to work alongside my CEO.

My role is a combination of:

  • Division Manager 

  • Marketing Manager

  • Business Development Manager

  • Commercial Manager

  • Recruiter in the Victorian Educational Market


Despite Covid-19 (which has strongly impacted the market), the education division remains profitable. In July 2020, I onboarded a new colleague to extend our presence to the market in NSW. This move proved successful, and we have expanded our client base to 40 high quality, regular clients.   

I believe the key to the success of the education hotdesk comes down to my progressive management style. I place emphasis on Personality, Innovation, Differentiation & Automation. For example, when working at Randstad I developed a way of cost-effectively automating parts of the role (.i.e. Digital CVs, Digital Interviews, Automated Ref'Checks). This automation offered a point of differentiation from our competitors and meant I could also focus on the areas where our clients saw the most value.  I place great importance on the welfare of my team members and work to develop them individually. I ensure everyone feels included, is having fun, and are encouraged to develop & try new ideas. By staying ahead of the curve, and responding to the needs of clients and the individuals in my team, education became Command's most profitable division in 2021.

Schools Recruitment Consultant - Randstad Education - Melbourne, Australia

July 2018 - Nov 2019

Combination of both clients procurement, sales and human resources management. The school desk was a cold desk when I started. I was offering both casual and permanent staff to schools through daily cold calling, negotiation with clients and candidates, as well as candidate screening & interviewing.

A few months after starting, I had the opportunity to restructure the desk & to develop a new approach to recruitment strategies:

  • Design of an online/video interview: offering teachers the opportunity to sell themselves and to add more value to their resumes - About 200 interviews were completed. These interviews were shared directly with schools HR & Principals, and their responses toward this new technology have been very positive.

  • Sourcing before getting positions: I found the placement rate was significantly higher when I was able to provide clients with candidates' resumes & video interviews within a couple of hours after their order. I created a Facebook Group called Melbourne Teacher Jobs (only registered teachers are accepted) to increase reactivity. Advertising on the group helped me to collect quick responses from applicants and be the first to send resumes to clients. 

  • Introducing a new ongoing price structure with evolving rates for clients: This allowed me to send resumes for any positions a school has advertised, with a degressive rate encouraging exclusivity & client loyalty.

  • A fun approach to work: People buy from people they like, so I have developed an excellent rapport with all of my clients. 

It paid, and the desk achieved +438% of gross GP in 2019. I billed 4 times my yearly target in only 7 months (from January to July 2019).


  • Achieved +438% of GP in 2019

  • 32 Placements in 2019

  • Finished 4 times in the "top 10 monthly billers" Australia wide, all divisions included (about 850+ recruiters) in 2019


  • Q1 2019 - Best biller (Schools desks - Australia)

  • Q2 2019 - Best biller (Schools desks - Australia)

Marketing Coordinator - Rubicon Water - Melbourne, Australia

October 2017 - May 2018

I was involved in developing tools to support salespeople, such as case studies, videos & and brochures. In addition, I created a career page to simplify the recruitment process. I have also enhanced my knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation & in design (Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat). Part of my job was to work alongside the engineering team to produce bids and tenders.

Business Relationships Manager - Study In - Melbourne, Australia

July 2017 - October 2017

I was in charge of negotiating contracts with Australian colleges and universities to enrich the customer offering and increase the agency commissions. A part of the job was also to promote the agency using Social Media, MailChimp (emailing platform) and to prospect new customers (cold calls, emails, etc).

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Volunteer Work

Lending a Helping Hand

Rêves - Equestrian contest - Mougins, France

September 2011 - June 2012

Along with my studies, I have participated in the organisation of an equestrian contest to raise funds for the "Rêves" charity. The charity aims to fulfil the dreams of young kids suffering from serious illnesses. My tasks were to prospect gifts and vouchers from companies, advertise the event on social media & to local equestrian clubs, and animate the contest (speaking into the microphone). Over two events, we have raised more than €10,000 for the charity.

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What I’ve Learned


I have studied in depth all the aspects of Marketing. While completing my master, I have worked on projects with leading Australian companies, including Zoos Victoria. I implemented new marketing strategies to enhance their brand image and develop their customer base.



Master of Marketing - Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Business - La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

After the completion of my advanced diploma, I got the chance to come and study in Australia. The Bachelor of business offered me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in Marketing and Human Resources.

Advanced Diploma of Tourism - IUT of Cannes, France


My thirst for always discovers new countries & new cultures has fuelled my motivation to start my education in the tourism sector. I have learned how to design and sell trips and it triggered my passion for this industry.

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My Skills

More about me

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Problem Solving

Web Design




Critical Thinking







Additional Information

1st Aid Certified

Bilingual English / French

Drivers License & Car Owner

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Interests and Hobbies

Just for Fun




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Pascale Valot

Social Media Marketer

Study In Pty Ltd

Lucas is a hard-working and committed person on daily basis tasks. It was a great pleasure to work with him and I can just recommend him as a great asset to a company.


Abdullah Al Ahmed 

Marketing Director & Australian Branches Supervisor

Study In Pty Ltd

In one word energetic Lucas is a combination of both positive & a can-do attitude. He never took no for an answer, neither rejection was a medium of stopping him Always passionate about his work and great with business relation, Lucas always tried helping his clients out in every way possible. It will be great seeing him rise up the ladder of his career over the span of time.

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Natinunt Muenchorn

Early Years Recruitment Specialist

Randstad Education

Lucas is an absolute joy to work with - brightens up the mood everywhere he goes. He is one of the strongest in sales and business development. He would be a great addition to any team.


"Do not go where the path may lead. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo taken during my trip in Myanmar in September 2019

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